{AC}  Giorgos Rokas started climbing and skiing during his teenage years.

  In 1990 he started rock climbing. He has climbed and skied most of Greece's mountains and has repeated several routes in the Alps.

  In 1998 he succesfully attended the School of Mountaineering Assistast Instructors, and his activity as an Assistant Instructor begins.

ACBR   Giorgos achieved the status of Mountaineering-Climbing and Mountain-Skiing Instructor by H.F.M.C(Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing) in 2005, and he qualified as a Mountain Guide by H.F.M.C in 2007.

  Since 2004 he administrates the Astraka refuge/mountain hut in Timfi mountain and at the same time he works as a Mountain Guide.{/AC}

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